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I had the same static route problem. My instance of Fedora 16 is a guest on a VirtualBox implementation in Windows 7. I use bridging to the host adapter and have created the route-p2p1 (p2p1 is my interface id within the guest environment) with the following: ADDRESS0= NETMASK0= GATEWAY0=

and I still had to manually configure the route once fedora is up and running.

When I added the route with the Network configuration tool in the System Settings application, the following files were created in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts: route-Wiredconnection1 ifcfg-Wiredconnection1

I copied the ifcfg-Wiredconnection1 to ifcfg-p2p1, and rebooted the machine and the problem was solved. Apparently the has to be a properly configured ifcfg file associated with the network interface.

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