My laptop touchpad is disabled after i close my lid [closed]

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I use a dell 3168 2-in-1 laptop which was recently upgraded from fedora 24 to fedora 26. After the upgrade, the touchpad is disabled when I close(and open) the lid. The system is set up to lock not suspend when the lid is closed. When I lock the screen with Super+L, touchpad has no issues. I read there is some changes in fedora 26 regarding the synaptics driver, so I tried installing xorg-x11-drv-synaptics drivers, still issue remains. After the touchpad is disabled, I looked at touchpad settings, the touchpad ON/OFF switch remains ON. I changed it to OFF and then ON, still touchpad remains unresponsive. I am not very expert at linux, or fedora, please help me identify and solve this issue.

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