KAddressbook fails to sync via CardDav

asked 2017-07-28 08:17:07 -0500

Hello everybody.

I just nuked and paved my Laptop with the new Fedora 26 release. Since I redoing the machine anyway I thought I'd visit KDE land again after years of GNOME3. KAddressbook Version 5.5.1 is installed, the server runs nextCloud 11.0.2

My contacts are stored on a 3rd party nextCloud server and are synced to many devices using CardDAV. The setup in KAddressbook is simple enough, but somehow it only pulls in a fraction of my about 200 contacts. If I create a new one with KAddressbook it syncs to all devices just fine. But contacts created eg. on the NextCloud Web Interface or on my Android phone sometimes sync, sometimes not. There are no errors displayed by KAddressbook and my profile on the server lists syncs to my laptop. So the connections seems to work.

And to make this even more headachey: If I download the addressbook manually and import it as a addressbookfile, everything shows up just fine. So there sems to be nothing wrong with the vcards themselves. I also looked at the file in a text editor. Looks fine to me. There are some custom tags in there created by evolution, but that should not be a problem, and it seems not to be as some of these more special cards are imported just fine. KAddressbook shows them just as "Custom Fields", as it can't make heads or tails of them of course.

I found some nebulous KDE bug reports from back in 2012 and 2015 but they where all closed with no specific answers.

Has anyone any idea how I could fix this? Otherwise my trip to kde land has been a very short one :-(

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