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NVIDIA: Failed to initialize NVIDIA kernal module

asked 2017-07-27 08:50:10 -0600

dpeterson gravatar image

I just upgraded to 4.11.11-200.fc25.x86_64 and the boot failed loading the NVIDIA module. This is after switching to the NVIDIA driver when the NOUVEAU driver failed when I upgraded to fc25. NVIDIA's help was for me to ask, not much help there. I run KDE, but this was during the kernal boot, so I doubt the problem lies there. Suggestions?

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3 Answers

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answered 2017-07-28 12:57:00 -0600

dpeterson gravatar image

Thanks for both comments. I had installed akmod to handle this and it has worked flawlessly since the first problem with the 4.11.1 kernel. So the problem with 4.11.11 was a surprise. Apparently I should have been more patient. Last night the 4.11.12 kernel update came out and I installed it. This morning the system booted cleanly. It probably was reported as a bug right away.

Next time I'll check Bugzilla before posting!

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answered 2017-07-27 12:40:10 -0600

peterreed gravatar image

If you downloaded the nvidia*.run file from then you will have to compile a new kernel interface each time the kernel is updated. Nvidia does have dkms support but I have had hit and miss luck with it so I just compile again with each new kernel. Also the is RPMFusion and/or Negatvo17, they both supply precompiled drivers for the kernel although sometimes you have to wait a day or so. The above also have the dkms option when installing the driver.

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answered 2017-07-28 09:11:50 -0600

SteveEbey73701 gravatar image

actually, i believe that the rpms use akmod or kmod, i have never seen dkms invoked on the rpms. I use proprietary, with dkms, never have any issue with kernel updates. Running 384.47 and modded the dkms.conf file, to compile the module with my specific cpu. the only reason dkms has issues, is if a file is upgraded, such as opengl library. run sudo nvidia-installer --sanity, to check, and if problems found, just reinstall the driver and dkms will build new modules.

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