Disable a boot error/warning message?

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I have a box with F25 with the exact issue noted here by Linus: link text

I have a laptop I just upgraded to F26, which also get it's nice clean graphical boot interupted by this messages:

 kernel: Error parsing PCC subspaces from PCCT

Both installs also show a load of repeating scrolling text that runs by really fast after the graphical shutdown.

Is there any way to hide these messages? as there are no apparent negative effect on my systems as a result. To a normal non developer end user things like this make the operating system look broken.

Surly it would be better to not have these interrupt the boot, while retaining the option to escape the graphical boot. So if something doesn't work you can still check things at boot?

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Yes, I'd like to know how to suppress display of any and all messages during the boot process too, although in my case the messages I don't want to see are apparently systemd messages ("Created slice User Slice of gdm." and others -- about six lies at boot and shutdown).

I've looked and experimented with the information here and here but with no sucess.

Period22 gravatar imagePeriod22 ( 2017-07-29 02:39:32 -0500 )edit