How to mount isos in fedora?!?New to this plese help [closed]

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well im fairly new to linux and i dont like it, too confusing and i want to return to windows and i have an iso that i want to mount that would allow me to open it and in stall windows, i havent found a software like poweriso in windows that would let me create a virtual drive and mount it, so through research i found out to do this, mount -o loop /home/yugi302/download/Windows XP Professional SP3 x32 June 2012 + SATA Drivers.iso /mnt/iso, and thats as far as ive gotten when i enter that as root i get lot of stuff i dont know what to do with and no windows opens up showing what i mounted,and im am getting mad at fedora...if i could somehow chat with someone about this it would be simpler.

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