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Error when setting up root partition encrypted

asked 2017-07-11 05:54:18 -0500

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I've been using Linux on my Laptop for a while but decided to set up a dual boot on my desktop PC, too, as I need Windows there. I tried setting it up encrypted, however it seems I cannot encrypt my root partition as I get the errors

/boot file system cannot be of type luks/dm-crypt

/boot file system cannot be on an encrypted block device.

If I do not encrypt the root partition I can setup the system normally.

In case it's relevant the partitions in detail are:

  • sda1 - /boot/efi - EFI system Partition - 550 MiB (not encrypted)
  • sda2 - MSR - 16 MiB (not encrypted)
  • sda3 - Windows - NTFS - 67.81GiB (not encrypted)
  • sda4 - / - ext4 - 50.88GiB (cannot encrypt, this is the one I'm wondering about)

  • sdb1 - MSR - 16MiB (not encrypted)

  • sdb2 - Windows data - NTFS - 683.58GiB (not encrypted)
  • sdb3 - swap - 7.44GiB (encrypted)
  • sdb4 - /home - ext4 - 240.47GiB (encrypted)

The /swap and /home are already encrypted from an earlier try. It seems no one ever had that error message as I cannot find anything about it, I hope one of you can help me.

Edit: A link to the error message in case it helps.

Thanks in advance!

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1 Answer

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answered 2017-07-11 09:52:48 -0500

fcomida gravatar image

updated 2017-07-11 10:25:03 -0500

You need two separate partitions (unencrypted, one of type EFI System Partition) where to mount /boot and /boot/efi respectively. Recommended sizes are 200MB for EFI and 1GB for boot. Right now you only have the EFI partition and /boot (which cannot be encrypted) is just a directory under root /.

See the error message:

/boot file system cannot be on an encrypted block device.

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If you choose an LVM layout during installation, it suggests a separate /boot partition that is not part of the LVM and not encrypted. Choose that option.

florian gravatar imageflorian ( 2017-07-11 10:42:06 -0500 )edit

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