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How to set screen inactivity at never.

asked 2012-11-22 15:40:13 -0500

Reap3RGHS gravatar image

The setting allowing only to set it at 1 hour. I don't want the screen go inactive. I want to disable it. How i can?

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3 Answers

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answered 2012-11-24 11:15:57 -0500

fast_rizwaan gravatar image

updated 2012-11-24 11:18:48 -0500

also you can use smplayer to stop the suspend/screen switch off by using smplayer

  1. install smplayer (su -c "yum install smplayer"; #needs rpmfusion repo)
  2. open a video file with smplayer
  3. click on pause
  4. minimize smplayer, and it will block the screen shutoff/suspend, as long as smplayer is running with the video is playing or paused.
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answered 2012-11-25 04:58:40 -0500

evansourav gravatar image

Simply use a extension called Caffeine-

For more support join here

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answered 2012-11-24 16:39:48 -0500

marekjm gravatar image

In GNOME Shell you should be able go to System Settings > Power and set "Suspend when inactive for" to "Don't suspend" in both categories: "On battery power" and "When plugged in".

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