kickstart.cfg doesn't log anaconda storage options

asked 2013-02-04 22:27:59 -0500

franco gravatar image

The online documentation says:

 The Fedora installation program also creates a sample kickstart file based
 on the options that you selected during installation. It is written to the
 file /root/anaconda-ks.cfg. You should be able to edit it with any text
 editor or word processor that can save files as ASCII text.

But it is apparent that the Kickstart file does not save storage parameters. This is troublesome for two reasons: (a) the Kickstart file is, well, useless as a Kickstart file; and (b) the GUI still (yes, after all this time) does not expose striping options for LVM (i.e., the only hook for setting-up striping is via Kickstart), and given the enormous latencies involved in debugging installation problems, it's critical to be able to begin from a working template.

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