Repair F24 lxde install

asked 2017-07-02 23:04:57 -0500

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I have a laptop that boots on a SSD. This ssd was formatted and copied into from a F24 lxde hard drive via "dd". dd if=hardrive of=solidstatedrive. The harddrive was extraced and replaced with the SSD. laptop booted fine and worked for months (dnf updated every now and then) A couple of days ago, it would't boot: "could not find bootable drive" I booted with a F25 dvd in basic graphics code, attached SSD via USD, mounted the 3 LVs successfully, kernel messages said there were FS errors but recovery complete. Then after that I booted up on SSD again. mounting the root partifiton failed, and made me run fsck manually. A large number of errors on the root partition were fixed ( inodes moved to lost+found.... ) On a 2nd boot, kernel boots fine, filesystems are mounted ok, but it hangs on the fedora boot logo.

What are my options? 1. i burned bfo on a dvd from boot.fedora..... and tried to fresh install F24 via ethernet, it hangs at downloading vmlinuz from pexboot os images dir. I also tried to rescue F24, it hangs as well 2. I have a F25 live dvd which I can boot find, but I need to stay on F24.

can I pursue option 2. and trigger a network install of F24?

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