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dhclient error fedora 15

asked 2011-12-14 11:27:52 -0500

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Hi I am using fedora 15 from 2/3 months and since last 1/2 week i cant connect to internet .I have wired connection and i can't connect from gnome menu(nothing happens). I tried from terminal like $dhclient eth0 but got error as permission denied. Please help

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answered 2011-12-15 00:14:54 -0500

SoumyaC gravatar image

Did you recently fiddle with your PostgreSQL libs or anything related to it ? Whatever may be your answer the easy fix is to Set Selinux in permissive mode as shown below -

su -c "setenforce 0"

If this doesn't work Disable Selinux, go to /etc/selinux/config and change it (though that is not recommended) to check if it works.

If you have PostgreSQL you may be a victim of the issue mentioned here. Try fixing it as directed in the above link.

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