Installation error: bootloader installation failed

asked 2012-07-01 11:39:50 -0500

Reshi gravatar image

I have totally blank HDD - no operating systems all space is unallocated. I've inserted Fedora 17 32 bit Gnome 3 live cd and launched the installation. All installation process passed fine but when finishing - istalling the bootloader - I obtain a message that bootloader couldn' t be installed correctly and that the system might not boot.

My machine is : HP ProBook 4730s.

I hadn' t any problems on Fedora 16. Any suggestions how to solve this problem?

I thought if the problem couldn't be that I have AHCI enabled in BIOS but old Fedora worked fine with this option enabled(and furthermore linux kernel 2.6 and higher does have the support for it).

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