how to add application to hide window.

asked 2017-06-17 05:36:03 -0500

I got this image , As a named Hide-window in fedora 24, if start team viewer, chrome browser Hide-window open dynamically. I can hide team viewer window (not close), i click teamviewr image with Hide-window. second click same teamviewer image with in Hide-window now, open Team viewer.

But, I Tried to add some other application like phpstrom and other applications, No options there. I need to hide some unwanted window, but i need to active same time, suggest me How to add other applications to Hide-window or any other way to do this.

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You’re rambling a bit here. Please try to clarify what you did, what software you’ve installed, and what you’re trying to accomplish.

Aeyoun gravatar imageAeyoun ( 2017-06-18 20:43:32 -0500 )edit