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Hibernate, power off button not shown after install shell extension.

asked 2012-10-12 06:25:22 -0500

ping pong gravatar image


I need to enable hibernate button, and run

# yum install gnome-shell-extensions-alternative-status-menu

But the button is still not shown.

What should I do to make it work, I am a Linux newbie?


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2 Answers

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answered 2012-10-12 11:24:02 -0500

sten gravatar image

You still need to enable the extension. The easiest way, I think, is to install gnome-tweak-tool, which will appear as "advanced settings" in the application list, start it, and in the "Shell Extensions" list, flip the new extension on.

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answered 2013-04-20 17:54:47 -0500

scavenger gravatar image

where is the hibernate button ? come on guys, linux desktop is a joke if you can't show it up easily. Windows xp has it from 2001. It's 2013, come on, where is this button ? why should i install something to make it appear ? why did i tried all you wrote and it doesn't work ? fedora 18 lol

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