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XFCE mouse click registering twice

asked 2012-08-28 13:21:12 -0500

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Environment: OS: XFCE Spin of Fedora 17 Running in a VM via VMware Fusion on OS X

Issue: Even before VMware drivers are installed mouse clicks are registering twice almost as if its doing a temporary click & drag or pseudo double-click. This is before any settings are changed, and even after installing the VMware drivers the issue persists. This does not happen in Xubuntu (XFCE spin of Ubuntu), or the standard GNOME Fedora 17 build. Strangely enough, single clicking icons on the desktop does not cause the icon to open. It seems to only happen when there is text that can be selected.

More info: Because this issue is hard to explain I figured I'd screenshot it. Here is an image of whats happening.

image description

Note that where you see the cursor I performed a single click, yet it registered as a double click/click-drag and selected the entire empty part of that line. It takes about 3-8 deliberate clicks in the terminal to actually get the mouse to click in the terminal window without highlight text or empty space. This happens with multiple mouses, too.

Same thing happens in webpages, though less visible. Suddenly a click will cause surrounding text to be highlighted.

A VM only issue? I installed XFCE Fedora 17 on a HP Laptop and did NOT experience this issue. It appears to only happen when running XFCE from a VM.

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answered 2013-11-07 00:11:58 -0500

I've been having this problem for a long time with a Debian VM under Fusion (using Sawfish WM) and I can't fix it. Single clicks turn into double clicks, double clicks turn into triple clicks, middle and left mouth both affected, I assume right as well. I'll often lose a drag or text selection as if the button was released. I thought my mouse was defective at first but a new one didn't fix it. I also tried having Xorg ignore the VMware mouse and use only the ImPS/2 Generic Wheel Mouse in case that extra pointer (seen under xinput list) was causing additional mouse events to fire. No change there.

I have a number of Linux VMs on my Linux PC at home and have not encountered this once. It's got to be something with OS X and/or Fusion. Things seem to have gotten much worse with Mavericks.

Have you had any luck?

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