Fedora 25: Install grub after Win 8.1 installation

asked 2017-06-10 12:57:49 -0600

Sorimis gravatar image

Actually it shouldn't be a big problem, but I don't know how to solve it. Everything I found and was promising is for Ubuntu and doesn't work with Fedora. For reasons I needed an installed Windows and did't want to delete Fedora. After the installation of course Windows took control of the bootloader. I can only enter the OS with the live version but everything I found isn't working e.g. grub-install and smbmount didn't work. For any kind of help that puts my Fedora back to running mode I would be really appreciate.

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Try this on your windows cmd bcdedit /set {bootmgr} path \EFI\fedora\grubx64.efi if your pc use EFI or UEFI. Good luck.

aeperezt gravatar imageaeperezt ( 2017-06-10 15:00:35 -0600 )edit

If you have created martions such as /root /home , /boot /anything , Just reinstall /boot , /root and you will as new . Remember not to install /home it will erase all your personal data

Deepak_009 gravatar imageDeepak_009 ( 2017-06-12 12:51:31 -0600 )edit