NTFS drive unable to mount non zero exit status 12

asked 2017-06-01 04:40:32 -0500

Pfeffer gravatar image

Hi all, Im able to mount other NTFS drives but not this one for some reason, both were made on windows, fast boot and all thats turned off. This ones a WD Black

mounting error

has an odd setup with partitions but is still ntfs

Ive tried manually mounting but nothing. The drive mounts fine on windows, as do my other ones.

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disable fast shutdown in windows because windows does not unmount when it shuts down. had to do the same thing on my system, to mount my data drive, but all is good now.

SteveEbey73701 gravatar imageSteveEbey73701 ( 2017-06-01 09:09:56 -0500 )edit

@steveebey73742 Ive tried disabling fast start (hybrid shutdown / fast shutdown) and hibernate already but the issue persists. Im pretty sure its not related to that since my other drives mount fine.

Pfeffer gravatar imagePfeffer ( 2017-06-01 09:51:24 -0500 )edit

try mounting the whole drive /sda and see if that works, then run fsck to see why it does not like partition 2

SteveEbey73701 gravatar imageSteveEbey73701 ( 2017-06-01 14:45:03 -0500 )edit

@steveebey73742 it wont mount as either sda or sda2 fsck from util-linux 2.28.2 Failed to read last sector (1953515518): Invalid argument HINTS: Either the volume is a RAID/LDM but it wasn't setup yet, or it was not setup correctly (e.g. by not using mdadm --build ...), or a wrong device is tried to be mounted, or the partition table is corrupt (partition is smaller than NTFS), or the NTFS boot sector is corrupt (NTFS size is not valid). file record corrupted at offset 0 (0x0). and it goes on, with similar stuff, but theres a small comment limit here.

Pfeffer gravatar imagePfeffer ( 2017-06-01 23:06:24 -0500 )edit

Boot into windows, find partitioning software that will let you adjust and check the partition 2 and see if it might actually be a hardware problem. Windows may be more tolerant than Linux when it comes to partition corruption, so that may end up being the only way to fix it. also consider resizing to remove any free space, that could help.

SteveEbey73701 gravatar imageSteveEbey73701 ( 2017-06-02 07:48:13 -0500 )edit