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virtual console

asked 2012-04-27 11:17:41 -0500

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updated 2012-04-27 13:03:36 -0500

when i use ctrl + alt + fn# to switch to a virtual console all i get is a blank screen. i have done some reading and have found that others running the nvidia driver experience the same, but have not seen a solution. is there one?

fedora 16 xfce hp pavillion laptop

also, if i use init 3 from a terminal i get sent to a blank screen and have to do a cold reboot to get out.

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answered 2012-06-21 08:03:54 -0500

Nwildner gravatar image

I'm trying to not be pessimist, but i already faced this on my old Notebook with a GeForce 7600Go, and it seems to be a driver bug(with low priority by Nvidia to solve)..

This is the reason why i will not buy Nvidia graphic cards. They are making silly regressions on their drivers, and they dont give a "sh**" to Linux suport :(

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