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bug or damanged for usb device driver on fedora27?

asked 2017-05-13 15:05:43 -0500

zethro67 gravatar image

Last update to kenel 4.12.0 version cause to malfunctioon to Usb device. any USB device does'nt working after upgrade. if typed 'lsusb', 'lspci | grep USB', only blackscreen with cursor. is it really bug of fedora27 on kernel 4.12.0. anybody knows about this, please inform of us:begginers11

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Remember you are using rawhide... I don't have problem with the current kernel... Can you choice a previous version of kernel?

davidva gravatar imagedavidva ( 2017-05-14 00:12:00 -0500 )edit

2 Answers

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answered 2017-05-13 21:01:13 -0500

fcomida gravatar image

Is this a joke? Beginners using rawhide with a kernel 4.12.0 when 4.12 hasn't been released yet...complaining nothing is working?????? Whoever you are please install Fedora 25 and live happy

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answered 2017-05-15 18:08:11 -0500

zethro67 gravatar image

Problem has solved . For new patch no problem with that any more. Problem was hardware module . last update hadn't the module sorry for nuissance new patch made solve my concern.

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