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Kororaa > f17 upgrade possible?

asked 2012-04-19 10:50:17 -0500

Salil gravatar image


I am using Kororaa (Fedora remix), which is based on F16. I tried to upgrade to F17 beta, but after anaconda in F17 upgrade image quits on me saying my release is "too old to upgrade" and I need to go through intermediate release upgrades first. Is there any way I can fool it to treat my Kororaa as F16?


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answered 2012-04-21 09:02:49 -0500

Chris Smart gravatar image

You could probably do this by using rpm to "revert" back to a vanilla Fedora install. Remixes often replace packages like "fedora-release" with "remixname-release" and so it's no longer considered a native Fedora install. These packages therefore stop you from upgrading to vanilla Fedora.

Off the top if my head, you could try disabling the Kororaa repository first (so that packages don't come back) and then you could do something like 'rpm -e kororaa-releases --ignore-deps' and afterwards, install fedora-release. You will have to play with packages post upgrade a bit because disabling the Kororaa repo will leave them without a source. Another option might be to leave Kororaa repo enabled, but add "exclude=kororaa-release" and see if you can get fedora-release installed instead.

In all honesty, it's probably easier to just install Fedora 17 from scratch and format your Kororaa partition (just leave your /home directory).

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