issues when starting fedora 25 after update [closed]

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Hi, today i did an update of the system, then reboot in order to make effective all the updates. Seems that was all ok. Insert my user password then hit enter and........the system, kind of it rebooted itself. Instead of showing the desktop, starts just right before plymouth routine is called again, then loads up the log in screen and if i enter again the pass, it comes back to call the plymouth again. The only thing that i can remember that got updated is the linux kernel. I know that it is version 4.10.10. If i order to reboot, the system reboots ok, calls grub, but it get stucked on the same sequence. It doesn't matter if i choose to load kernel version 4.10.10, or 4.10.9 or 4.10.9 or the safe boot(can't remember the right name) I'v got fedora 25 with gnome installed

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It would be nice to have a link to the duplicate question.

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