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Build options for ROOT python bindings

asked 2017-04-18 05:07:40 -0600


I have gotten in the habit of building ROOT from source, and have a set of scripts that easily allow me to get patches and rebuild. I can also build the bindings for both python2 and python3, but I can not do this simultaneously. I see that installing root-python and root-python3 seems to allow this behaviour, so I was wondering if someone knows how these are built and packaged?




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answered 2017-04-18 10:36:07 -0600

genodeftest gravatar image

How are packages built?

  • You need a spec file, which specifies how the package is created, i.e. where to download the source from, where to put files to, how to build subpackages, …. For all Fedora packages, they are maintained in separate git repositories. The repo for root.spec can be found at

  • Make sure to install fedpkg and read man fedpkg, which is the main interface now. You might want to have a look on a wiki page and an older IRC log), they could help you as a starting point.

  • root-python and root-python3 are both subpackages of the root package, so in theory, you should be able to build both using fedpkg.

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Thanks! The spec file was exactly what I was looking for!

einfeyn496 gravatar imageeinfeyn496 ( 2017-04-18 12:28:44 -0600 )edit

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