WiFi: RTL8821ae frequent loss of connectivity

asked 2017-04-13 17:22:27 -0500

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I have been experiencing frequent loss of connectivity with the built-in Realtek8821ae Wireless Adapter. This began in Fedora 25, starting about a month ago, with the last of the 4.9 series of kernels. I have since migrated to Fedora 26, where the 4.11 series kernels are in use, and the problem still persists.

I have filed a bug report on bugzilla, #1435793, but there has been no response.

The wireless cuts out anywhere from about every 5 seconds to about every 2 minutes, rendering it nearly impossible to use.

I have spent countless hours researching and, last night, discovered this report, which confirms both the bug and the existence of a patch!


After reading it sketchily, I have been using the following commands to reset the wireless to allow me to use it with some modicum of comfort:

sudo modprobe -r rtl8821ae;sudo modprobe rtl8821ae ips=1

While I haven't read the article thoroughly and cannot confirm that this is the best work-around or even that this is indeed suggested in the article ;-) it has provided some relief, but it is not a solution. [I am scanning the article as I am writing and I see that someone suggests ips=0 as a solution; I have not yet tried this. Further down, another user has conflicting results.]

The only solution would appear to be to have the patch applied to the kernels in use in Fedora 26. There were lots of commits on this regression and the consensus among users is that the problem is solved—but not on Fedora!

How can we get this working on Fedora 26?

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