Internet connectivity Fedora 25 Workstation

asked 2017-04-08 16:10:15 -0500

updated 2018-11-04 04:39:50 -0500

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I have installed the troubleshooting version of Fedora 25 due to being unable to install normally. It is shown that I am connected to the internet and I can access google and search for things on Firefox, however, entering another address or trying to access any of the google search links results in long attempts to load the page and ultimately failure. I get the message "Problem loading page" along with "Server not found." I have a TP-Link TL-WDN4800 wireless card. I've tried turning off ipv6 as has been suggested in some of my google searches, but it hasn't altered the problem. I have no idea how to troubleshoot the issue, but I have a little bit of linux user experience.

Edit: Apparently I may be missing ath9k? I'm not sure if that's super relevant but it seems to be a common link for the "tl-wdn4800 linux" searches I've done.

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