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Problem Installing Fedora 17 on HP Z 220 CMT (SandyBridge Ci5)

asked 2012-09-20 09:40:47 -0500

Navid Shaikh gravatar image

System specs:

Processor: Intel Core i5-3470
Chipset: Intel C216 chipset (looked up, not *very* sure)
RAM: 2x4GB DDR3 @ 1600MHz
HDD: 500GB SATA 3.0 @ 7200RPM

I am trying to install fedora 17 on HP Z220 CMT workstation having Intel HD Graphics 2500, I have faced following two issues:

  1. During installation steps upto creation of partition, the screen was not clear. Screen was blurring, and all the pixels became such zoom that I was unable to read anything about the partition and other stuff (right from beginning). Though I managed to install fedora 17 by looking into the snapshots of fedora installation steps over internet.

  2. Main issues is here: After installation of Fedora 17, when I restarted, it boots up & just before the login screen the screen goes dark, with some random blue-pixels at the top (sometimes with a message, like "oh! something went wrong..... unrecoverable!").

More Context: I've tried SSH'ing to the system & that worked out pretty good. My guess: there is an issue with the graphics-hardware (Intel HD 2500).

Please feed with the valuable solutions, Thank you.

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try it with nomodeset...i was facing the same thing with readon card

Akshay gravatar imageAkshay ( 2012-09-20 12:07:09 -0500 )edit

2 Answers

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answered 2012-09-20 10:58:21 -0500

ZenDark gravatar image

Boot the system in text mode.

Edit the grub line adding a "3" at the end of the line and removing rhgb.

After the system has started, login and do a full update, maybe there will be some package that fixes your problems with the graphic card.

If that doesn't work:

[SOLVED] Intel HD 2500 configuration problems

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answered 2012-09-28 01:47:29 -0500

Navid Shaikh gravatar image


Aim: appending 'nomodeset' in kernel option in /etc/default/grub


1)After Installation of fedora, reboot.(anyhow as I mentioned in question)

2)Point Fedora 17 in grub menu, and press 'E', it will display a window titling "GNU GRUB version 2.00~beta4"

3)go to the line that starts with

linux  /boot/vmlinuz-3.3.4-5......UTF-8 rhgb quiet..

4)erase everything after UTF-8(i.e. rhgb...) and write 3 there. after that line should look like

 linux  /boot/vmlinuz-3.3.4-5......UTF-8  3

5)press f10 and you would be redirected to text console(rather GUI).

6)login there

7)open the file /etc/default/grub and append in the last "nomodeset" in GRUBCMDLINELINUX, after appending it would look

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=" rd.lvm=0 SYSFONT=True rd.luks=0 LANG=es_ES.UTF-8  KEYTABLE=es rhgb quiet nomodeset"

(append only nomodeset in last, dont modify other parameteres!)

8)save the file, and run this command

grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg

9)reboot, now graphics should work smooth.

If any problem occurs during these steps, please comment here!

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