Optimizing Dell XPS 15' 9650 battery life with fedora

asked 2017-03-26 06:14:45 -0500

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Hello, would you share tricks to improve the fairly bad battery life I experience on my Dell xps 15' 9650 (2017) I run a dual boot Fedora 25, Windows 10.

What I did:

#install tlp
sudo dnf install -y tlp
#install powertop
sudo dnf install -y powertop

During discharge I consume 20-25W here is a powertop snap


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My setup is

sudo dnf install tuned tuned-utils 

sudo powertop2tuned -n -e powertop_recommend

sudo systemctl start tuned.service

sudo systemctl enable tuned.service

tuned-adm profile pwertop_recommend

I believe that I get similar results such as TLP.

kakosf gravatar imagekakosf ( 2017-03-27 05:49:14 -0500 )edit