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Install drivers with no disk?

asked 2012-04-14 19:04:50 -0500

Jimb0b360 gravatar image

I have a lovely little compaq presario c700 or something like that (I'm not exactly sure) and I would like to install fedora on it. The problem is, the pc was purchased with no driver cd (or it has been lost) so how would I install the drivers? Even if we did find the driver cd would it even work in Linux? I'm lost! Please help! Jim

compaq presario c700 running vista home premium

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answered 2012-04-14 21:33:50 -0500

Spanner_Man gravatar image

Most if not all drivers for hardware is included within the kernel. You won't need a driver cd as you would have if you were installing windows.

As by the looks of it that laptop isn't new so I would recommend LXDE for speed and performance. Just make sure you download the 32-bit ISO file. And as always burn on the lowest possible speed.

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