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Like keyboard how can I map my mouse in Gnome 3

asked 2011-11-17 00:39:00 -0500

SoumyaC gravatar image

How do we map mouse buttons as launchers or shortcuts for any effects in Gnome 3.

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answered 2011-11-17 04:02:22 -0500

lzap gravatar image

Not sure if this is what you want, but xmodmap can do anything - including mouse buttons. Yum install xmodmap and then man xmodmap. You only need to create .xmodmap file. It's not Gnome3 solution, but it works with Gnome3.

Works for me with my ThinkPad keys, you can do the same for mouse buttons. It can also run commands instead of simple remapping. Tested, works. Good luck.

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@lzap : I want to map one of my mouse buttons (Either left MB, or Scroll Wheel, or Right MB) to suppose start a launcher, Like we can use Alt+F2 to launch run command console. Suppose I want to modify Alt+F2 to "Alt+Left MB click". Thats what I want to know how to do that ?

SoumyaC gravatar imageSoumyaC ( 2011-11-17 06:56:23 -0500 )edit

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