No ports can be found using port scan.

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Hello all,

I have a laptop and a server (Home-Server) with fc17. They are both using the desktop environment. I am trying to set up a VNC server on Home-Server so that I can set everything up without having to sit in front of it for everything.

I have tried using the VNC server software included in the distro. and I have tried using TigerVNC Server. I can't get either one to work. When I scan the ports of my server using my laptop, it quickly stops and shown nothing. So I disabled the firewalls on both systems and forwarded all ports to the server on my router. I still cannot find any open ports on my Home-Server.

I am at my wit's end. Please help me find out why I cannot find any ports on my server.

Note: I can see the ports that are open on my Windows system.

Note: Router has OpenVPN Server enabled.

Server: Fedora 17

Notebook: Fedora 17

Router: WNDR3700v1

Router Firmware: Gargoyle v1.5.8

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