wpa_supplicant PKCS11

asked 2017-03-09 09:03:06 -0500

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I'm trying to configure EAP-TLS in wpasupplicant using certificate/private-key stored on e-token. But at the end of connection in wpasupplicant debug i can see Segmentation fault (core dumped).This happens if i i'm using both certificate and private-key from e-token. If i reconfigure wpa to get certificate from local directory and private key from e-token, connection will be successfull. How i can avoid this Segmentation fault (core dumped)?

Here is my config:

ctrlinterface=/var/run/wpasupplicant updateconfig=1 fastreauth=1 pkcs11enginepath=/usr/lib64/openssl/engines/libpkcs11.so pkcs11modulepath=/usr/lib64/libeTPkcs11.so network={ keymgmt=IEEE8021X identity="trtrt" eap=TLS cacert="/home/artem/Downloads/ROOTCA.pem" clientcert="pkcs11:id=%70%93%22%4d%25%44%10%4f" private_key="pkcs11:id=%70%93%22%4d%25%44%10%4f" }

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