grub update prb,other grub use give problem

asked 2017-03-07 07:04:33 -0500

mariusapo gravatar image

ok,i have fedora 25 up and running,i tried to update grub as i have many other distros on my pc,thing is that the menu grub after doing the update it didn't show anything more than before doing it,even tho it did found all the other distros,they r not in the menu,second problem,i am using a different distro grub,but when i start fedora from there,it get stuck at sddm,is giving me some errors in there and is not loading up,i chose to start from fedora grub and,dispites the missing all the other distros in menu,it loads fine with no problem,what can i do to can use the other grub and how to actually make the other distros appear in the menu of grub at boot ?

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