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No protocol specified

asked 2017-03-01 05:17:43 -0500

juroz gravatar image

Hi everyone, i recently installed fedora 25 on my laptop. During the post-installation phase, i installed nmap and its GUI, Zenmap. I tried to execute zenmap with the command "sudo zenmap" but it prints the following lines:

No protocol specified
No protocol specified
Error: could not open display

At this point i tested the command with different tools like gedit, libreoffice, ecc... But the result is similar. What can i do? Thanks in advance.

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I think that the problem colud be this In short, since Fedora uses Wayland, it is not possible to use sudo to open graphical applications.

alcir gravatar imagealcir ( 2017-03-01 09:53:54 -0500 )edit

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answered 2017-03-01 09:57:40 -0500

updated 2017-03-01 09:58:31 -0500

This workaround works for me

$ xhost si:localuser:root
$ sudo zenmap
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Is this workaround secure or does it leavwe a gap in security -- establish a new attack vector? It's recommended not to use the root login, but that is a very practical if insecure workaround too, but obviously not 'safe' way to go -- and that's a bit hyperbolic but hopefully illustrative

tauceti gravatar imagetauceti ( 2017-03-15 18:32:31 -0500 )edit

Please read comment 64 on the bugzilla site.

alcir gravatar imagealcir ( 2017-03-16 12:07:45 -0500 )edit

They note that you can remove the permissions after you're done by running xhost -si:localuser:root

OnorioCatenacci gravatar imageOnorioCatenacci ( 2017-10-31 12:25:15 -0500 )edit

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