crash on boot Fedora24 server

asked 2017-02-14 07:08:42 -0600

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I am in deep trouble. I am using fedrora24server which I use to play around with virtual machines. As I recall I was updating the host machine when it shut off. I don't know if it finished the update. This server is on btrfs with raid 6. I have a 6 core processor. When it boots it goes into luks and i enter my password after that it goes into the splash screen for a few second and this happens. I am completely over my head. Don't know if its a hardware problem or a software problem. I Put a usb with windows on the same machine and it works fine. Please Help! Thank you!

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what if you boot an older kernel?

florian gravatar imageflorian ( 2017-02-14 08:44:27 -0600 )edit

I never get to the part when I choose the kernel.

centinel20 gravatar imagecentinel20 ( 2017-02-16 08:07:51 -0600 )edit

ok so i was wrong, the selection menu just went on too fast. I CAN choose an older kernel. Now I have tried to select both older kernels and the exact same error ocurs. When I go into rescue mode it just asks me a milio times for my luks password this happens and then it goes into dracut:/#


Gives out this and this.

centinel20 gravatar imagecentinel20 ( 2017-02-18 11:16:29 -0600 )edit