Sublime Text 3 glitches, graphical problems ?

asked 2017-02-11 04:38:54 -0500

Hello everyone :-)

I very love Sublime-Text 3, and I am using it for various kind of projects (web, C++, node, ...). I love it so much that I am using it despite those awful glitches (see the image). Those glitches appear at random time (when I move the cursor around) and on random lines (one or severals as you can see on the image).

sublime-text gliches

I asked this question on the sublime text 3 forum but I am pretty sure this is also related to system graphics, that is why I also ask here and because these glitches only appear on sublime text, but i am confused because among all the sublime text posts related to graphical issues, no one seems to have the exact same problem.

As I mentioned, these glitches only appear in sublime text, I am using w3 tiling manager, but urxvt, firefox, and all other softwares I am using don't have any graphical glitches. However, could be this issue from my graphical drivers or something ? Could someone help me to resolve this problem, or at least giving enough informations about how I could tweak some driver-oriented parameters so I can try to remove those annoying artifacts..

Thanks in advance

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