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Fglrx on F17 (HD4850)

asked 2012-08-15 15:09:23 -0500

ktatar156 gravatar image

Hello, how can I install catalyst driver in Fedora 17 (64bit, HD4850 graphic card)? What packages I need to install from yum? I really need 3D support (for my Windows 7 on Virtual Box).

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answered 2012-08-16 07:04:06 -0500

hhlp gravatar image

first you don't need to install any special drivers in your box to have hardware acceleration in Virtualbox

The 3D acceleration support built in VirtualBox uses your native machine’s graphics hardware to provide this capability, so if your native graphics driver doesn’t have 3D capability, VirtualBox cannot make use of it.

The support for 3D acceleration is not enabled by default and with this tutorial you can set up a new virtual machine with 3D accelerated graphics support.

First create a new Machine the usual way, and install a guest operating system in it.

Now, while the virtual machine is highlighted, click on the Settings button to open up the settings window.

In the display settings panel, check the check box titled, “Enable 3D acceleration” and use 128mb of video memory.

That’s it. The virtual machine has been enabled for 3D accelerated graphics now. But, to actually start using 3D effects inside your guest operating system, you need to be using the special VirtualBox graphics driver, which is distributed with the “Guest Additions”.

To Install the VirtualBox “Guest Additions” drivers in your guest operating system, while the guest is running, click on the Devices menu and select the “Install Guest Additions” option.

more information -> Virtualbox Manual

Now, you can enable effects in the guest operating system and make full use of the graphical capabilities of your machine’s graphics card.

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