ext4 filesystem check failure on /dev/sda2 (VirtualBox Fedora 17)

asked 2012-08-22 01:35:43 -0500

seiferflo gravatar image

Hi, I have a similar issue as "ext4 Filesystem check failure... -Fedora 16 post" but I'm using Virtualbox so no dual boot.

I'm using Fedora 17 & Virtual Box 4.1.18 and I can't find there is no option Disk Utility: "Check Filesystem (Check and repair the filesystem)" (cf. post above).

The message I get in VirtualBox is "Unrecoverable error: ext4 filesystem check failure on /dev/sda2". I just created a vdi of 8GB on my Win7x64 and run the last Fedora x86x64. Here are the steps I executed:

Install to hard drive. Select English US. Basic Storage device. The storage device below may contain data - Yes discard any data (device called ATA VBOX HARDDISK 81292MB sda). Name computer / Password. Use all space (untick Use VLM or Tick). Confirm "Write changes do disk". Copying live image to hard drive... Unrecoverable error: ext4 filesystem check failure on /dev/sda2.

Can you please help me? Cheers, Flo

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