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Abnormalities under Pantheon: how to fix

asked 2017-01-20 22:19:46 -0500

I have just started a Pantheon on Xorg session via the SDDM display manager and I have noticed some (what I assume are) bugs. For one when I have Google Chrome opened there are no window titlebars and the top panel of Pantheon does not appear, see the screenshot below to see what I mean...

image description

note how there are no window titlebars at the top of this screenshot, nor is there the Pantheon top-bar. Likewise when no apps are open I just have a pitch black desktop, with a mouse cursor denoted by an x. When I close a program however, the program just before it was closed becomes my desktop background. For example after closing Google Chrome and opening Guake briefly to take a screenshot (with gnome-screenshot -d 5 for a delay of 5 seconds) this is what my desktop looked like (with only GNOME terminal opened):

Likewise when I right-click the desktop (when no apps are opened) I get no menu popping up (in such a menu I would expect an option to change the desktop background in there like one gets under GNOME). I'm not completely sure what's wrong but I suspect my window manager may not be running? I installed the complete Pantheon desktop environment from Fedora's official repositories with:

sudo dnf install -y pantheon-session pantheon-desktop

so I must say I expected it to work (including with its necessary window manager) as intended as soon as I started it with my display manager (in this case SDDM).

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answered 2017-01-20 22:58:47 -0500

I've found a partial solution, although if someone has a better one I will accept their answer. My solution is I ran mutter (which is GNOME's window manager) and after that window titlebars appeared on Google Chrome and other apps and the Pantheon top-bar appeared when I had Chrome opened. My mouse cursor, when no apps are presently opened, is no longer an x either. The desktop background is no longer black, but a blue. Although right-clicking the desktop does not cause any menus to pop-up with an option to change my desktop background. Changing the desktop background in GNOME Settings fails to change my desktop background. I have tried launching Gala (as I understand it is meant to be the window manager of Pantheon), but it doesn't seem to make any difference and yes I have tried launching Gala after closing down mutter, but still Gala does not seem to launch and correct the behaviour and issues I started this question with.

Here is what my desktop looks like now. image description

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