Changing partitions

asked 2017-01-19 21:29:27 -0500

Hello, I just installed Fedora 25 after trying several distros that didn't work with my hardware setup. So I had partitioned my drive to keep my current distro while testing others. Well when I installed Fedora I didn't realize it installs a seperate boot partition so my partitions looked like this... Sda1 - Debian Sda2 - boot Sda3 - Fedora

So after some research I decided to create a new boot partition and copy over my files from my current boot partition to it. I still have to edit the UUID in my fstab to reflect the changes I made so that it uses the correct partition to boot from. Then update grub. So I have it setup like this currently (after deleting Debian) Sda1 - boot (new, boot flag set here now) Sda2 - free space Sda3 - boot (current, removed boot flag) Sda4 - Fedora

What I need to know is if I'm doing this correctly or if there are any changes I need to make anywhere else so that I can still boot. I'm afraid to delete my current boot partition u.til I know for sure it will work. It does currently boot the way it's set up now, but I'm not sure which partition it's actually booting from. I assume it's still booting from the current boot partition, not the new one.

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