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Cannot install/run live CD - DRHD and PCIEHP errors

asked 2012-05-03 05:29:58 -0500

daiscog gravatar image

updated 2012-05-03 06:37:27 -0500

I've downloaded the F16 64-bit installable live CD. When I choose the "Start Fedora" boot menu option, I get the following:

DRHD: handling fault status reg 2
DMAR:[DMA Write] Request device [0e:00.1] fault addr fff00000
DMAR:[fault reason 02] Present bit in context entry is clear
pciehp 0000:00:1c.0:pcie04: Link Training Error occurs
pciehp 0000:00:1c.0:pcie04: Failed to check link status

The final two messages repeat every ~1 second. After a handful of these, I suddenly get a flood of:

pciehp 0000:00:1c.0:pcie04: Card present on Slot(0)
pciehp 0000:00:1c.0:pcie04: Card not present on Slot(0)

Repeated indefinitely. These come so quickly that I can't even tell you which comes first.

I also believe I am getting this problem, but since my terminal is being filled with these errors I can't even begin to try to fix this!

FWIW, my hardware is:

  • EVGA Classified SR-2 motherboard
  • 2x 6-core Intel Xeon E5645 - 2.4 GHz
  • 24GB RAM
  • 1x Gigabyte GV N450D3-1GI GF GTS 450 GFX Card
  • 1x Edimax Gigabit PCIe Network Card
  • 7x HDDs
  • 1x DVD-RW

This was assembled to run multiple VMs for work, hence the high spec. I have no other OSes installed.

Incidentally, I have also tried other live CDs and have the same error. The only one that worked was the GParted live CD.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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answered 2012-05-08 00:09:04 -0500

FranciscoD_ gravatar image

I think you should file a bug against the kernel on redhat bugzilla. It could be quite a number of things, and I feel the maintainers would know how to sort it out.

I found the following when I googled the error:

One of them suggests recompiling the kernel, which is why I think a bug should be filed and the maintainers made aware of the issue.

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