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texlive needs complete upgrade everytime the kernel is upgraded?

asked 2017-01-14 13:56:31 -0500

astfgl gravatar image

I sometimes install texlive on my Fedora 25, because I use it occasionally.

I've noticed that sometimes the entire list of all installed texlive packages will appear in the list of packages to upgrade by dnf upgrade. As this is hundreds, up to thousands of texlive packages (depending on which scheme is installed) and hundreds of MB, this is really annoying.

I've noticed that this correlates to kernel updates. It feels like everytime the kernel is upgraded, every single texlive package is also upgraded. I tend to remove my texlive installation when I notice this, because it tends to happen often. At least more often than I'd expect that many texlive packages to receive upgrades.

Can anyone reproduce this? Is this really genuine texlive upgrades? May this be a bug worth reporting?

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answered 2017-01-15 09:50:24 -0500

mattdm gravatar image

I think this is just a coincidence. For whatever reason, the texlive distribution has thousands of subpackages, and when there is an update, it all comes together. They shouldn't be linked to kernel updates.

There is some interest in changing this so instead of individual packages, they're grouped into several sets with only a handful of RPMs, but no one has done the work.

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