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Ask Fedora: Do we want to keep the [sticky] convention?

asked 2017-01-13 14:46:49 -0500

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Some of the posts here have the tag "sticky" as well as the string [sticky] in the title. On many forums, this is used to pin FAQs and beginner information at the top of the page. This site does not have functionality to do that, so instead, these have text requesting upvotes. And, there's a link in the sidebar.

Should we keep curating posts in this way? Is there a better way to do it?

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answered 2017-01-13 14:51:45 -0500

mattdm gravatar image

updated 2017-01-13 15:50:11 -0500

So, I think we shouldn't. We should let the votes speak for themselves, and possibly make "popular questions" more visible in a future site design (or by editing the sidebar now). I've noticed by looking at the web statistics for this site that many of the most popular questions aren't sticky anyway, so I think it's not providing a huge amount of value.

I've filed RFEs for askbot 1) to provide a UI for most viewed questions, which might be a more useful indicator of helpfulness to users than upvotes, since we don't have a lot of voting here in general, and 2) to do real handling of duplicate questions, so questions where are literally frequently asked could be counted. But for now, I propose just making "top-voted questions" a prominent link (Maybe above the "important meta discussions" block I added in the sidebar — that's easy.) and dropping [sticky].

If you agree, upvote this. If you disagree, post a different answer.

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