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Looks ok, but you might want to make root a little bigger than 30GB. Depends what you plan to install. I personally have a 1TB disk, with the following partitions:

  • 14.9GB swap for 8GB of RAM (I shot for swap = 2x RAM)
  • 297GB for windows 7, which I still need to boot into sometimes
  • 91GB partition for Fedora 25 root
  • 293GB partition for /home2, which has my VM images and other large files
  • and a couple of ~90GB partitions for other distros I have tried out

I didn't set aside any space for /boot. I just let the Fedora 25 installer do what it wanted with a spare 90GB partition, and told it to use the existing swap partition. Out of that 90GB partition, I've only used 20GB (installed software and /home included). I figure /home is about 10GB. So about 10GB is system software, logs, etc. Your proposed 30GB size for / is fine, as long as you or the software doesn't fill up /tmp or /var. Which can happen. It just depends on what you do with your laptop. Good luck!