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Note that Fedore 25 has switched to a new graphics called Wayland. Some existing software may not function properly until it is updated to work with Wayland. Check this forum, and you will see that you can start your sessions with a variety of graphic options. You might want to try these options first, since your problem may be related to the new graphics.

You may also be interested in the following troubleshooting procedure, but you will need to back up all your data and note your configuration, because you would do a clean reinstall of Fedora 25 using the ISO image burned on a DVD or Flash Drive. If you can't afford to do this, I understand. In that case, please disregard my advice and hopefully someone else can help you.

IMPORTANT: Please read carefully and proceed at your own risk. Please back up all your data before trying this procedure. ALSO IMPORTANT, if you use windows, create and update any recover media that comes with your windows version. Any time you reinstall an operating system, you risk losing everything on your main hard drive (the one you install the OS and boot on).

  1. reinstall Fedora 25, overwriting your existing Fedora installation. If you dual-boot windows, you can probably overwrite Fedora without disturbing windows. NOTE that some people have had issues dual-booting windows and Fedora 25, but people on this forum have been helping them overcome their problems.

  2. Once Fedora 25 is installed, update your system BUT DO NOT INSTALL ANY ADDITIONAL SOFTWARE. If you normally use Firefox sync, don't enable it just yet, since it will automatically install add-ons. You don't want to install any new add-ons or plugins just yet. If you use Chrome or Chromium, just wait and use Firefox instead. We want to test with only the stock distribution and available updates. Note that it is OK to configure your system within reason. Just make sure to avoid installing additional software or plugins. Also, use the default graphics (Wayland) initially for your tests.

  3. Use your updated stock distribution for several days, and try to get it to reproduce your problem. Don't install any 3rd party software yet. You want to find out if the problem is with Fedora 25 or with the software that you choose to add later.

4.a. If you still encounter your problem with the stock Fedora 25 distribution, try switching your graphics option to see if the problem is solved. If so, the problem is possibly a 3rd party issue. If not, the problem may be with Fedora 25. Either way, please file a bug report. If you don't know how, someone on this forum can probably help you get started. I've never had to do it (yet), but the people on this board are intelligent and helpful.

4.b. If you don't encounter your problem, then make a prioritized, grouped list of the software you need to install to actually use your system. Try to keep the groups reasonably small.

  1. Install the software you need, one group at a time, and spend a day or two with each new group, trying to reproduce your problem. Depending on how much software you require, this could easily take several weeks. [I spent almost a month with Ubuntu 14 LTS, slowly adding additional software to figure out what was causing my problems. In the end, I figured out that Totem (stock), Chrome (google-package) and a Firefox add-on (I'd prefer not to mention which one) were causing my graphics to hang or crash sporadically.]

  2. Assuming you eventually manage to reproduce your problem, try switching your graphics option to see if the problem disappears. This may give you a clue as to the cause of the problem. It may also give you a mechanism for working around the problem.

  3. If you can't reproduce the problem...