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Really I think it should be integrated into the Stack Exchange set of sites.

I believe there just aren't enough people posting and / or answering questions here.

77% of questions with some kind of answer seems quite low to me. What is the percentage of questions with accepted answers?

My problems with the site:

  • From my experience there are very few answers to questions.

  • Comments and answers tend to be used inappropriately, e.g. potential answers will be posted in comment boxes. "thank you" messages from OP's will be posted as new answers.

  • Moderation is too strict in terms of posting restrictions - for example I have asked 9 questions and contributed 3 answers but I still cannot post a question or comment without moderation.

  • the software just isn't great. Upvoting a question or answer can take a number of clicks. The markdown formatting seems strange and non-standard.

However I think the biggest problem is the lack of users. This reduces the chances of a successful question and of the site being a useful reference when others have a question. I have often searched for questions and found a number which are more or less on topic, but none of which have been closed.