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IMHO, I would say would be better to transform this place that utilizing already other INFRA tools, and resources. So IMHO would be great to attach here or send bugs to bugzilla, so devs can see it directly, and can have feedbacks not only by registered bugzilla users. Also, we gonna have Hyperkitty, and Hubs, that can form this site waaay more better. If IRC appering as a floating expandable window, we can have our community helpdesk direct, and open hours either if we want. IF we are able to connect this place with FedMesg, and other bunch of Fedora services that serves well with 2 way communication, that is able to appear in the desktop some way - that is a big win-win for the users, and for the developers, and for the community. I really would like to see Discourse, somehow with Hiperkitty, Hubs, Bugzilla, ABRT, we have web based package search tool, and more - integrated as part of the ecosystem.