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Based on the answers to my comment questions - you could move things around, but it involves using various LVM commands (many of them), fdisk to alter the disk partition tables and re-installation of grub2 after editing its configuration. All of these combined would be risky and time consuming; better (and probably quicker) to install Fedora again.

Install again:

Assuming you have a Live DVD/USB or other installation media, I recommend using fdisk in your current install to remove ALL partitions on both disks (start with /dev/sdb) and then reboot into your installation media:

WARNING - ALL data on both disks will be destroyed!

fdisk /dev/sdb; d to delete partition 1 and then w to wrtie to disk and exit. It will issue a warning about needing to run partprobe - DO NOT run it because you will be rebooting into the new install shortly!

Now do the same for sda: fdisk /dev/sda; d to delete partition 2 and d to delete partition 1, finally w to write and exit. Insert your installation media and reboot.

Anaconda (the graphical installer) lets you choose your partition layout, including which disks to use - choose to define your own partition layout. Select only the SSD disk. You should have the choice to select the recommended (default) layout or manually define your own.

If you choose the default, then Anaconda typically defines a /boot partition of 500 MB, SWAP of equivalent size to your RAM, / (root) of 50 GB and the remainder of disk space as /home (on your SSD, that should be about 176 GB).

I asked about RAM because modern Linux usage can often get by without SWAP, but it depends on what applications you plan on using on your laptop. 6GB is on the cusp - I would probably consider keeping SWAP at this level. The other major use for SWAP is if you intend to hibernate your laptop. I prefer suspend because it is significantly quicker and in most cases (particularly if you have adequate battery charge), will survive the time frame from closing lid to opening again. Remove the SWAP partition if you don't feel you need it, which may require you adjust your /home partition to take up the freed space.