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OpenStack is software for creating an infrastructure-as-a-service cloud for yourself. This is probably overkill for the use-case you describe in your comment

i mean for example to create for example 20+ virtualized apps mainly rather full OS, and run them all together.

Fedora includes a _hypervisor_, KVM, which is able to run fullly-virtualized operating systems. Both virt-manager and GNOME Boxes are GUI managers for this, but you don't strictly need them. If you do want virtualization, I _do_ suggest running KVM rather than VirtualBox or VMWare -- it's fully open-source and in the upstream Linux kernel.

But, for your case, I don't think you really want virtualization at all. You should instead look at OCI-style containers, like Docker, possibly orchestrated with Kubernetes.

For this, you would install Fedora Atomic Host -- either on a VM or as your server's base operating system, and then package your applications into containers with Docker. Take a look at this guide for more information.