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Hi Davidva And Jake,

Thank you all for the response. I appreciate it. I've watched the videos but I was unable to test all the solutions. I have my Minidlna server working fine for movies and music in my devices, I just wanted to throw my laptop screen in the TV using DLNA too. My problem is that My Laptop is old and is a Nvidia Optimus one, so I have problems with my Nvidia Card as usual, Nvidia and Linux do not get very well together as I can see in my research. My Hdmi is in the Optimus card so there lay my problem. I end up buying and VGA~Hdmi Adaptor with sound which was great so now I can throw my screen to my TV but not using wireless (DLNA) like I wanted. I lost resolution because of the VGA which is in the intel card, that is why it worked, but at least it is working now so I have nothing to complain.

Thanks Again.