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The NVidia HDA device is most likely the audio for your HDMI port. Kernel is a F24 kernel, should be the same kernel for F23. If you want to keep your sound, keep using the 4.6.4 kernel entry on boot.

I see a lot of bug reports about this issue, so there's no need to file another one. would be the place to do so.

According to the fix for F24 got missed for F23, so it will be in the next kernel release for F23 when that happens.

It turns out the patch was dropped in F24 but not F23. I committed it to the F23 branch. I'm not going to respin the 4.6.6 build but it will show up in a build next week, either as an incremental build or as part of 4.6.7 depending on how the stable releases go.