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If you install the driver from the NVidia website, it will not be managed by the packaging system and will be harder to update and definitely difficult to remove.

akmods-nvidia is the same driver, but packaged to be managed by dnf and will automatically recompile when you install a new kernel version.

nouveau generally works out of the box, but some cards don't have full support.

According to that matrix, nouveau has full support for your card for what you want to do. I assume you don't have SLI, because you only mention one card and power management is not such a problem with a desktop computer. There is a mention that it might be a bit slower due to the lack of power management, so give it a try and see how it works for you.

If I had your system, I would replace the video card with an AMD one. ;-) Otherwise, I avoid the closed drivers as much as possible so I would first try with nouveau to see how well it works.